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Hand Crafted Cores & Body Panels

Vintage Wings and Panels

Where Timeless Elegance Meets Artisanal Craftsmanship

Body panels for historic, veteran, vintage and classic vehicles

Vintage Wings & Radiators is one of the longest established and most experienced companies in the restoration, manufacture Industry.
We don’t just shape metal; we sculpt dreams and breathe life into vehicles
Vintage Car Wings and Panels:** Immerse yourself in the revival of automotive elegance. Our artisanal touch brings back the glamour of yesteryears, with bespoke car wings and panels that pay homage to the golden era of motoring.
vintage wings
vintage wing
Every vintage car has a story, and we’re here to preserve and enhance it. Our restoration experts breathe new life into classic beauties, capturing the essence of their era while adding a touch of modern finesse.
Nigel Working
Why Choose Us

Why choose Vintage Wings for your masterpiece?

We specialize in the intricate art of crafting Car Wings and Panels exclusively for vintage treasures, ensuring they remain icons of style and class.
Years of Experience